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Hosted VoIP is the future of the telecommunications industry. It is a great way to get your business connected to the world and future proof your business from the loss of support for the POTS network. However, Hosted VoIP also has another use as a training tool for sales people. Using some of the add-ons that we have available through our Hosted VoIP system,  Pindrop, you can turn your phone system into one of the best training tools around. The add-ons that make this possible are call recording and ACD Supervisor. These 2 features will not only allow you to monitor calls that have already happened and create ways for your team to improve but will also allow you to interact with calls in progress to help your team along.

The call recording feature allows you to record any incoming or outgoing calls. This is perfect for training purposes because you can go over any mistakes with your employees. You will be able to then correct these mistakes and turn your sales team into the efficient machine it is intended to be.  The ACD Supervisor feature allows you to listen in on calls that are currently in progress. This is great for seeing how your team is responding to certain questions and allows you to formulate new strategies for your team. But this is not the area where ACD Supervisor shines the most. It is great because it allows you to Whisper, Barge, or Takeover a call using an online interface. The whisper feature allows you to just contact your employee to give them advice about how to proceed. The barge feature allows you to enter the call and interact with both parties. Finally, the takeover feature gives you full control of the call and removes your team member from the call.

Hopefully your business can use these two great features to build on the training that you are already doing with your sales team. If you would like a free demonstration of our Hosted VoIP solution, Pindrop, please call us today at (877) GET-GAN1 or visit us online at so we can work with you to find out which one is the right fit.


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