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When was the last time that you had the security system in your building checked? Better yet, does your building even have a security system in place? The on premise security system on your building is one of the most important aspects to not only keeping your building safe but to also protecting you in case of a lawsuit. Our security solutions use 3 key products working in tandem to ensure the safety of your building and those inside it. We also pair these products with advanced analytics to get you all of the data you need to analyse the success of the system.

To start, we recommend that every building incorporates an alarm system. These systems will not only tell you when someone breaks into a door or window but can also monitor hazardous gas levels and act as a fire alarm system. This system can alert you remotely whenever someone enters your property or your building, allowing you to respond quickly no matter where you are. We would also complement that with security cameras that can monitor every area of your building and provide you with real time monitoring software so you can see exactly what is happening at all times. We offer both indoor and outdoor cameras with features that range from 4K resolution, to license plate recognition, to even thermal imaging. Finally, we would provide your business with access control panels on all of your doors. This will give you a record of who went in and out along with preventing unauthorized people from using them. You have the option of bio-metric, keys, or pin code protected doors. All three of these products are designed to work together to become even more effective.

We would love to come out and do a free security consultation for your business. This consultation will not only look over your current system and find any coverage gaps or areas that need to be upgraded but will also recommend which products will help you the most.  In fact, you can sign up for one by visiting our site located here, or by calling us at (877) GET GAN1. How long can you keep going without being fully protected?


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