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Are you still holding large conferences at hotels to give out information to your investors? What happens if some of them can’t make it on that particular day or if they can’t make it out to that area? Are they just out of luck or are they given a recording later? There are other ways that you can accommodate the people who were unable to make it out to your meeting. One of the best ways to allow people to attend these meetings from anywhere is to use operator assisted audio conferencing.

Operator assisted audio conferencing is a fantastic way to connect your in-person attendees with people who want to join over the phone and allow them to both listen to the meeting. However it doesn’t stop there, you can also take questions from the people that are on the phone with the help of an operator. Our operators can fully manage your Q&A session so that you can not only take questions from the people in attendance but also from the people on the phone. This allows for everyone to have their questions answer and allows others to build on these ideas to ask more informative questions. Also our operators will take down information for each person that calls in so you can see a record of who called in and which company they were with. You can even ask us to record their email for you to use for marketing purposes.

So not only can operator assisted audio conferencing make your conferences easier to attend, but it can also increase the amount of questions that can be asked and provide your company with valuable marketing information. If you would like to learn more about how operator assisted audio conferencing can allow your company to host more efficient meetings, please call us today at (877) GET-GAN1 to schedule a quick demo with one of our solutions experts.


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