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Webcams are a great way to collaborate with coworkers and a great way to communicate with family and friends. However there are some other ways that you can use webcams in your organization to great effect. Here are three great ways that you can utilize webcams at work: Giving a state of the company address, interviewing job candidates, and training current employees.

Webcams can be very helpful when giving a state of the company address. A webcam will allow you to show your excitement much better than audio alone. It also makes it easier to connect with your audience. Having everyone see your face is a great way to show your employees who they actually are working for instead of just being a faceless corporation.

Webcams also are a great way to interview candidates for job openings. This has many advantages over phone interviews alone. It allows you to see exactly what the person you are interviewing looks like and allows you to make a decision on if they will fit with your company without having to call them into your office. You never know, someone might have a sparkling resume but also have a Mike Tyson style face tattoo. There are also advantages to being interviewed on a webcam like not needing to dress up from the waist down. You could go with a suit top and bathing suit bottoms and no one would be the wiser.

Finally webcams are a great way to train current employees. This allows you to have one trainer for all of your locations instead of a trainer for each location. This also allows your trainer to see if everyone is actually paying attention or if they are screwing around on their cell phones. It is also much more likely to keep people’s attention than a plain web conference focused strictly on documents and websites.

Overall webcams are a great tool for businesses of any size or industry. If you would like a free demonstration of Quick Visuals, our web conferencing suite with HD webcam support, please call us today at (877) GET-GAN1. 


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