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Does your business have multiple locations? We can help!


Does your business have multiple locations? How are you managing the telecommunications services in each of these locations? Most businesses manage them individually which takes a large amount of time and effort, and forces you to keep a bloated IT staff. Then there are other companies that have all of their telecom services linked so that they are easy to manage and allow them to keep a streamlined IT staff. They are accomplishing this through conferencing, Hosted VoIP phone systems, and cloud network management. With these 3 tools, it is easy to not only manage multiple locations, but also keep them connected to one another.

Audio and web conferencing make it easy to keep your multiple locations connected to each other. Web conferencing allows teams to collaborate across multiple locations without having to meet in person. This can save your company a ton of money as compared to mile reimbursement. Not to mention it is much more efficient because your employee’s are not spending company time stuck in traffic. Meanwhile audio conferencing allows your company to hold quarterly meetings without having to rent out a large conference room or auditorium.

Meanwhile, Hosted VoIP phone systems allow you to connect all of your locations on one system. Since it is a hosted solution, the only premise based hardware that you will need are the phones. This allows you to deploy features across all of your locations without having to pay for a card at each location.  This is another way that you can save your company thousands of dollars. One of the best features of Hosted VoIP phone systems is that the data is stored on the phone rather than at the jack. This means that if one of your employees moves to another location, they can just bring their phone with them and as soon as they plug it in they are ready to go.

However, one of the best things that you can do when you have multiple locations is to use a cloud based network management platform like Cisco Meraki. This allows you to manage all of your networks through a single interface and apply the same settings to all of them easily. This also allows you to pare down your IT staff and free up their time for other tasks. It also allows you to keep the same security settings at each location so nothing falls through the cracks. Plus, once you have connected a device to your network, it will work at any location you go to.

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