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As the Starks like to say, “Winter is Coming”. Since winter is on its way, so too is snow and poor weather. And not only does this weather greatly increase travel times but it also increases the risk of getting into an accident. So rather than put any of our clients at risk, we will do most of our meetings as web meetings. This way no one has to travel away from their office in this weather. Not only is it much safer than driving in the snow but it also saves money for companies that reimburse for gas. Being that our office is in the suburbs of Chicago, these cost savings and added safety are felt even more in these blizzard like conditions. Using web conferencing also gives you many advantages during your presentation.

For example, did you know that you are actually able to pre-load the documents that you plan to use during your presentation? Doing this enables you to switch between them fluidly without your participants noticing or without you having to navigate through all of the folders on your computer to find the files. This leads to much more professional looking presentations and much smoother presentations. That’s not the only advantage to hosting your meeting online. Having your meeting online allows you to easily connect with participants across the globe without long distance phone charges or expensive flight costs. The built in HD Webcam support will also allow your international participants to feel like they are right there in the room with you. On top of saving your business money on flights and hotel stays, web conferencing can also save on the costs of your meetings. Currently the reimbursement rate for driving for business is 54 cents per mile. This means that a meeting 30 miles away will cost your company almost 35 dollars. That’s enough to pay for our web conferencing tool for two months, with enough left over to buy an energy drink.

If web conferencing sounds like a good fit for your business to help beat the inclement weather, we would love to show you Quick Visuals Pro. In fact, call us today at (877) GET-GAN1  to schedule a free demonstration and we will provide free licenses to this great product for your organization to use and get familiar with.


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