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When you go out to a restaurant, how often do you check your phone? Or how many of your children are playing games on a digital device? Why should your patrons have to use their cellular data while inside of your building? It is a very common misconception that setting up a wireless network for your guests is hard, when in reality, the Cisco Meraki platform makes it extremely easy to do. Not only does it make it extremely easy to setup, it also makes it extremely easy to manage and keep that network secure. All at a low cost to your business.

The best part of the Meraki platform is how easy it is to use. Every piece of equipment is plug and play right out of the box so there are no long setup times. In fact, this product is so easy to use that you do not need an IT staff to make it work. Because of the easy to use online interface, managing your network is a breeze. It gives you easy access to settings such as restricting what websites can be visited, who can access your network, and what page your guests’ internet opens up to. This allows you to do things like have their internet open up to your daily specials page. This will not only increase your brand awareness but it will also give your guests a much better experience while they are in your store.

That is why companies like Applebee’s and Peet’s coffee have chosen Meraki for their locations. The ease of use makes it easily deployable to any location and the security credentials like Layer 7 firewalls and being PCI/HIPAA compliant make it a no brainer.

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