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Web conferencing is quickly becoming the medium of choice for hosting and attending meetings. It has done this by combining the visual aspects of video conferencing with the ease and convenience of unassisted audio conferencing. This has proven to be a winning combination for many companies. However, there are some large flaws with web conferencing that make it an imperfect solution. This includes being too screen share reliant, connecting audio on spotty internet connections, and the per month costs.

Most web conferencing products are heavily reliant on screen share as a means to share information. While this was once cutting edge technology, there are a few flaws with screen share. For example, when sharing your screen, you don’t have control over what will pop up. I’ve been on a meeting where someone kept getting emails from their credit card company saying they were past due. If you were trying to pitch your company to investors, this would not leave a good first impression. Plus, screen share shows everyone all of your folders while you are looking for the file that you want to share. The best remedy for this is to upload all of your files into your presentation so that you are sharing the files rather than your screen.

Another large issue with web conferencing currently is that some services only allow you to connect the audio with a microphone and the speakers connected to your computer. While this may seem like the easiest path, it leads to the audio quality being effected by the internet connection. It also makes it difficult for non-computer savvy people to listen to your meeting. However, WebRTC audio integration allows you to also dial in with your telephone so you can get the audio for the conference that way. This allows people to choose to either listen to the conference or connect on the web to view it.

Many web conferencing products have very high monthly costs for using their products. This can range from 30 dollars a month per user to up to 100 dollars a month per user. This can be very cost prohibitive for many small businesses and non-profit organizations. Not only that but there are also fees for recording your meetings and caps on the amount of people that you can have attend your meeting.

There are some products out there that have remedied all of these problems. Quick Visuals Pro, our in-house web conferencing solution, allows you to easily upload your documents before your meeting for that seamless look many people are shooting for. It is also WebRTC audio enabled so your participants can either dial in on the phone or use a mic and speakers to listen to your conference. But best of all, it is priced lower than the solutions that your company is used to using. In fact, you can click here to sign up for a free account with us today. That account will be free for the life of the account. The only charges are for the use of our audio conferencing bridges if your participants dial in on the phone. If you have any questions about how to get started or want to schedule a free demo or training of Quick Visuals Pro, please call us today at (877) GET-GAN1.


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