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We have all been there, your web meeting is running a little long and you start to doze off. The presenter can’t see you and as long as you mute your mic they won’t hear you snoring either. As a presenter however, it should be your goal to make sure everyone is awake and engaged during your presentation. So I use an easy acronym to insure that I keep my audience engaged. That acronym is I.C.E. and it stands for Interactive, Colorful, and Entertaining.

I-Interactive: Your presentation should be interactive! There is nothing more boring than someone who lectures for an hour without answering any questions. Engage your audience in the presentation. Put in breaks so that they can ask questions or even try to get a conversation going.

C-Colorful: Black and white presentations are very boring and do not help keeping people’s eyes open. Your PowerPoints should be full of colorful graphics and charts. However there is a point of too much color. Do not use colorful backgrounds with text no one can read. If you are going to use a colorful background, you should tint your text boxes white so that they are legible.

E-Entertaining: Monotone presentations are awful. Use your full vocal range to keep people interested in your presentation. Change your pitch and volume when you get to points of emphasis. Also don’t just give information out the whole time, tell some jokes and have fun with your presentation. If you aren’t having fun giving the presentation, there is no way the people listening are having any.

If you would like a free demonstration of Quick Visuals Pro, the web conferencing tool that we hold our meetings on, please click here. And if you have any other ways that you use to keep your audience engaged please comment them below. If you just follow these tips you will be able to keep your meetings I.C.E. cool!


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