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Non-Profit organizations have very tight budgets and need to do everything they can to optimize their funds. This can be hard to do when their conferencing and communication costs keep rising. This causes some non-profits to lag behind in the communications department and causes some to skip conferencing altogether. They should not have to make these sacrifices in order to stay under their budget. We work with non-profits like the American Legion Department of Illinois to afford them all of the advantages of an advanced communication system and keep them within their budget.

Our communications system is made up of Hosted VoIP telephone systems, Quick Visuals Pro web conferencing, Meraki network security and administration, and audio conferencing. The Meraki network administration and security tool is an easy to use network management tool that can save your organization time and money. It does this by making your network easily manageable through an online interface. This eliminates the need for a multi person IT department, which can save your organization a lot of money. Once you have your network set up, adding a phone system to it is a great idea. Hosted VoIP phone systems have much lower upfront costs than traditional PBX systems which puts less of a burden on your budget. Plus Hosted VoIP systems grow easily and are easily upgraded so it will also lower costs down the road. All while giving you more features than a traditional phone system.

Our conferencing solutions allow your organization to hold meetings without having to pay for travel reimbursement. The IRS has set the travel reimbursement rate for 2016 at 54 cents per mile. This is much higher than the cost per minute on conferences. Conferences also save your meeting participants travel time so they do not need to waste their entire day stuck in traffic. Our web conferencing solution, Quick Visuals Pro, will even allow you to sign up for a free account here. That account will be free for the life of the account. The only time there are charges are if you use the phone dial-in portion of the product. Then you are charged only for the minutes used at your agreed upon audio conferencing rate. Our conferencing products also do not have any hidden fees that can sneak up on you when your bill comes. This makes it easy to budget because your bill is just based off of the minutes that you have used.

If you would like to learn more about how our products can save your company money, please call us today at (877) GET-GAN1.


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