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How fast can you get a new hire up and running?


If a new hire just started with your company, how long would it take to get that person to be able to hold a web meeting? Can they do it the same day that they are hired? With most web conferencing products, there are client downloads that are needed in order to run the product. This can cause major problems for some companies’ IT departments and can greatly slow down how long it takes to get someone online.

This not only effects the hosts of the meetings but can also effect the participants. For security reasons some companies have very restrictive firewalls that do not allow internet downloads. This can prevent certain people from attending your meeting if you do not give them advanced warning. This can lead to many delays with your meeting and could possibly cause your business to lose out on time sensitive deals.

However, there is a product with no client downloads that is available to your business. Quick Visuals Pro is a full featured web conferencing suite that has no downloads for the participant or the host. This allows you to easily schedule meetings in an instant, and not have to worry about whether your audience will be able to get in. Never miss another potential sale because someone’s network security wouldn’t allow them to join your conference. Quick Visuals Pro not only has no downloads but also has a very unique way of letting people join the audio. It allows people to join either via speakers for listen only, via a microphone, or on the telephone as a participant.

If you would like to learn more about how Quick Visuals Pro can help your business, please schedule a demo with us today. In fact, since we know your time is so valuable, we would like to offer your company free licenses to Quick Visuals Pro just for sitting in and learning who we are and how we are saving companies an average of 30% on their current communications bills. To schedule a no obligation demo with us, call us today at (877) GET-GAN1.


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