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Quick, look around your desk and count the amount of devices that can connect to the internet. Is it 1 or 2, or is more like 5? Did your IT guy have to connect all of those to the network and give you access? What if your company just got a shipment of 1000 tablets, how long would it take to get those devices connected to your network and loaded with all of the apps that they need? Can you afford to take your IT guys away from their jobs for a week or two to get all of these devices online? Wouldn’t it be great if there were a platform that could build in security settings to make connecting to the network easier and be able to send apps to all of your devices at one time instead of having to sync each device individually? Luckily the Cisco Meraki Mobile Device Management platform allows you to do all of this in conjunction with their wireless routers, switches, and security appliances.

Meraki accomplishes this by allowing you to manage all the mobile devices on your network through a single pane of glass interface. This interface is very simple to use and gives tons of options for sorting those devices and applying individual security packages to different types of devices. Maybe you want different security settings for tablets and phones, Meraki will allow you to do that. Want different settings for iOS and Android? Guess what Meraki can do that as well. It can even allow you to restrict apps and websites on a device by device basis, so if you want to lock everyone but the CEO out of streaming video, you can do that.

Meraki also allows you to send apps to all of the devices on your network from the same easy to use interface. The Meraki platform enables you to buy multiple copies of apps or use your own proprietary apps and send them to as many devices connected to the network. So when your company gets a shipment of new devices or if you hire a new team of employees you can easily send out any applications they may need without having a ton of downtime for your IT staff.

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