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How are you keeping your building’s doors secure? Are you relying on cameras alone to watch your doors or do you have an access control system installed? An access control system is a great way to not only keep unwanted people out of your building, but also provides some fantastic analytics for you to track how employees are spending their days. There are many kinds of access control systems available currently including biometric, card-based, and code based systems. Each one has its advantages and can help your business in different ways.

  • Biometric Access - Biometric access is the most secure of the access control systems that we offer. It allows you to catalog the fingerprints of people who should have access to that door and use that as the key to unlock the door. This also let you easily track who uses the door and when they use the door.
  • Card-Based Access - Card-based access allows your business to have doors that are locked until a card unlocks them. Not only does this let you track which employees are coming in and out of your doors and when but it also allows you to add and remove users very quickly.
  • Code-Based Access – Code-based access control systems are the most cost effective way to secure your doors. They allow you to put a pincode on each door use that as a key. However, they don’t give you the same analytics that the other access control systems offer.

While these are very generalized descriptions of these access control systems, they can give a basic idea of what they do. If you would like a more in depth description or would like to sign up for a product demonstration please click here or call us today at (877) GET-GAN1.


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