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Announcing the Cisco Meraki MV Security Camera


We are proud to announce that through our partnership with Cisco Meraki, we are now able to offer their brand new line of security cameras. The MV line of cameras are state of the art security cameras that work within the Meraki ecosystem. They can be managed like any other device through your existing Meraki dashboard that is lauded for its ease of use. The dashboard allows you to easily stream any of the live video feeds that the cameras are capturing to any computer. It even lets you bring up multiple feeds as a video wall that you can customize. Each camera is capable of 720p HD video and comes with an industrial grade 128 GB solid state storage device built in. They also have a nighttime and low light visibility of up to 30 meters due to their IR illumination technology. The most impactful feature however is to load up a video retroactively and the system will mark all of the points where there is movement. This can make it extremely easy to spot when something has been stolen or when a person leaves a room. The system even lets you export this footage so you can either provide it to the proper authorities or save it for your records.

But don’t just take our word for it, we invite you to sit in on a webinar about these new cameras so you can see exactly how they can help your business. In fact, you can click here to sign up for that webinar today. Alternatively, if you would like us to come out to your facility and do a full security consultation, you can call us today at (877) GET-GAN1 or visit us online by clicking here.


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