Is your building secure?
How social is your business?

Is all of your data on site?


If you are, you are increasing the risk of it being lost. There are, however, steps you can take to make sure your data stays secure. There are many advantages to using data centers rather than storing all of your data on site. Data centers are focused on one thing and that is making sure your data is safe.  Not only do data centers just specialize in data but they will also save your company valuable space. This space can be used to expand your company or to store whatever products that you are selling. This means that you can spend less money and time finding a larger building to hold your company and more time focusing on making money.

Data centers also have many built in features that will keep your data safe no matter what Mother Nature chooses to throw at it. There are redundant and back-up power supplies in case of a power outage from a storm or electrical grid failure. There are also redundant data connections in case a wire goes bad or becomes unplugged, so that you can access your data without any interruptions. There are also advanced environmental controls built into the facility so that the servers never run too hot or too cool. These controls also ensure that there will not be too much moisture in the room. There are also advanced fire suppression systems that will put out fires without the use of water so that your data is always safe.

So not only are data centers a great way to save space in your office but it is usually a safer environment than your office. If you would like to learn more about how data centers can help your business please call (877) GET-GAN1 to speak to one of our customer service representatives who would be happy to answer those questions. Also if you are already using data centers please comment below with how they have helped your business.


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