How are you taking advantage of webcams?
How are you hosting meetings?

Are you getting the most out of your data?


We now live in a time period where data about your customers is almost more valuable than them actually making a purchase. Big data is one of the fastest growing industries in the world because of the rampant use of smart phones and social media in our daily lives. The Cisco Meraki platform enables you to track all kinds of things about the people connected to your network. The three biggest things you can track are what type of device people are using, what they are looking at on that device, and where they are in your facility.

  • Device Type: Through the Meraki dashboard you can see what types of devices are connecting to your network. This data can be as broad as if it is a laptop or tablet or phone but can even be as specific as what type of phone it is and what operating system is on the computer. This is not only useful for keeping your network safe by excluding certain devices but it also gives you an idea of what is popular among your customers for cross promotion purposes.
  • What They Are Looking At: Meraki also allows you to track which apps are using bandwidth on your network. It can even go as deep as seeing which websites are viewed the most. This is very valuable to the retail segment where people may just be looking at your product in store and then buying it somewhere else online. This would enable you to see which sites are beating you on price and allow you to adjust to better position yourself.
  • Location Tracking: Cisco Meraki also allows you to see where all of the devices in your location are. This feature is hugely valuable to retail locations. This allows them to see which displays people are stopping and looking at and which displays people are just walking by. This data also shows you where there might be lapses in your network coverage.

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