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Back to School

Let Meraki help you go back to school


When did you get your first cell phone? Was it at 18 or maybe later like 25? Currently children as young as 5th grade have cell phones which makes having a secure network in schools that much more important. However wouldn’t it be nice if instead of just locking them out of the network you could embrace this technology and use it as a teaching tool? Meraki allows you to do that in three ways. First it allows you to set restrictions on what can be viewed during school hours, it also allows you to push apps out to every device on your network, and it keeps your network secure the whole time.

Using its advanced security tools Meraki will keep your network safe by alerting you when any unauthorized devices connect to your network. It also allows you to set restrictions on when certain apps and websites can be visited. This allows you to restrict access to Facebook during the school day. This will hopefully keep the kids on task and only using the technology for school approved projects. This will allow for students to watch video relevant to the class and view PowerPoints on their phones rather than just the copy that the teacher has on the board. This will enable each student to work at their own pace and go back to certain parts of videos without having to bring the entire class back to that point.

The most interesting feature for schools however, is the ability to push apps out to all of the devices connected to your network. Not only does this mean that you can push out digital copies of textbooks to each students, it allows you to make sure that every student has the information that you are using in front of them. This feature will allow teachers even more control over what they are teaching and makes classrooms much more interactive. This process can eventually have a huge impact on the environment because of the amount of paper it saves.

So if you would like to see exactly how a Cisco Meraki System can help keep your school connected, please call us today at (877) GET-GAN1 to setup a free demonstration.


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