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Web Conferencing should be easy, right?


How complicated is the web conferencing client that your company uses? Do you need to go through multiple training sessions to even have a basic understanding of how it works? Many web conferencing products that are out currently are overly complicated and loaded with features that most people will never use or even learn to use. While some people need a product with an endless list of features, most companies not only do not need that product but they also do not need the increased cost of that product.

These are just a few of the things that we had in mind when we designed Quick Visuals Pro. We wanted to make it easy to use, flexible, clean, and most of all affordable. We have used various different features to go above and beyond these base goals to create a web conferencing product different than all of the other products out there. First of all, as you can see in the above picture, we made the home screen extremely easy to navigate. The three button layout of Schedule, Invite, and Start covers all of the things that you need to do within a web conferencing product. Once you are into your meeting, the flexibility becomes readily apparent. First of all, because there are no client downloads, your participants can easily join your conference without having to involve their IT department. Once they have joined there are multiple ways for them to join the audio portion of your meeting. QV Pro is WebRTC audio enabled so you can either join with the dial in information provided or join exclusively on your computer with a microphone and speakers. The other big thing that we wanted to get out of this product was a clean look. We accomplished this by allowing you to preload documents into the product for use during your presentation. This is a drastic improvement over using screen share, where pop ups and what’s going on your computer background can easily derail your meeting.

Most importantly however is that QV Pro is extremely affordable. In fact, if you call us today and setup a quick web demonstration, we will give you a free trial license for your company to use. To schedule a demo, all you have to do is call us at (877) GET-GAN1 and one of our customer service representatives will get you setup with a time.


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