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How do you get through Friday?

Friday is a day that most people look forward to because it is the end of the work week. However there is normally a drop in productivity on Fridays because people are focused on what they are going to do over the weekend instead of being focused on the work that they need to get done before then. However there are many ways to insure that you can make your Fridays productive while also keeping it as a relaxed day.


The most important thing that you can do is be productive the rest of the week so that you are not staring down a mountain of work on Fridays. If you have weekly goals you should try to meet those goals by Thursday so that Friday can be used as an administrative day instead of being under the gun to make your numbers. If you leave too much work for Friday it is easy to say “oh I’ll just get to it Monday” and fall even more behind.

Another great thing to do is set small goals for you to hit throughout the day. Set goals that may only take an hour to complete. The sense of accomplishment will keep you motivated throughout the day and will prevent you from feeling like there is an insurmountable amount of work in front of you. Attitude plays a huge role in how much you can get done during a day.

Avoiding distractions on a Friday is much harder than during the rest of the week. Instead of trying to avoid them, I would recommend just allocating time during your day to socialize or check your social networks. This way instead of falling behind on work and not feeling like you can catch back up, you will still be able to do everything that you planned on for the day.

Those are just a couple ways that you can keep yourself on task on Fridays. If there are any tips and tricks that you may have for keeping yourself or your employees productive on Fridays please comment below. 


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