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How can your business leverage Pokemon GO?


Unless you have been living under a rock over the last week or so, you have probably seen something regarding Pokemon GO. What a lot of people haven’t quite realized yet is that you can use this to help drive business at your location.

First of all, for those unfamiliar, Pokemon GO is an Augmented Reality game that utilizes GPS to allow the player collects Pokemon in everyday locations such as parks, coffee shops and landmarks. You then use these Pokemon to visit PokeStops to earn items, and battle at Pokemon Gyms to earn experience and make your team stronger.

This means that people will wander by certain areas more often than usual. So this can lead to some unique marketing opportunities for your business. You could promote that you are one of these Pokestops so that people will come there more often. In fact, if you are a Pokestop, you can buy a lure module in the game to increase the Pokemon spawn rate in that area. This can be a great way for coffee shops to drive business in non-peak hours.

Another great way to utilize your new Pokestop is to host Meet Ups and invite all of the local players. This will bring a large group of people to your business and will thus drive sales. One of the biggest keys to capitalizing on these new patrons is providing free Wi-Fi so that they will not have to burn through their data plans to have fun.

The Cisco Meraki platform is a highly secure way to provide free Wi-Fi to your guests without having the massive upfront costs of an enterprise level network security platform. In fact, if you click here, we can get you setup on a free webinar so you can learn more about the Cisco Meraki platform and become eligible to get a free wireless access point.


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