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Are you enjoying the warm weather?


With as nice as the weather has been lately, it is a shame that you can’t just do all of your work outside. However there are some great ways to get your team outside in this beautiful weather and build some comradery while they are out there. Here are 3 great ways to get people outside and enjoying the weather after work.

Golf: Golf is a great way to get your team outside and moving. Over the course of a round of golf, you can walk a few miles so it is a great way to keep everyone active. Plus it’s a great way to prepare your sales team to take clients out without embarrassing themselves. The only major downfall is the cost.

Paintball: Paintball is a great way to not only get your team out and about but also to get everyone working together. It is relativity inexpensive and will get everyone moving. The only downfall is that it hurts a little bit to get shot.

Disc Golf: Disc Golf is another great way to get your team outside. Unlike regular golf, it is very cheap to play. In fact most of the courses are completely free. And unlike paintball there is no pain involved. It is a great way to get everyone together and moving around as well.

While all three of these are great ways to get your team outdoors to enjoy this beautiful weather, they are by no means the only ways to do it. Please comment below with any additional ways that you have use to get your team outside in this amazing weather.


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