Does your web conferencing require downloads?
Is your company on a UC system yet?

What are you being charged for?


Is your company currently using unassisted audio conferencing? Have you really looked into your bill to see exactly what you are paying for? You’d be shocked at the amount of hidden fees and monthly minimums that other companies tack onto their bills so that they can advertise a low per minute rate. In fact, these fees can add up to be the majority of your bill most months. We’ve seen fees for everything from not using enough minutes to using to many minutes, a fee for each set of passcodes that your company has, and even a fee for using the product on a weekend. These all seem very counter-intuitive because it discourages people from using your product. That’s why our unassisted audio conferencing has no hidden fees or minimums. You just pay your per minute rate plus any international fees if you call internationally. This allows your bills to be easy to read and saves your company money. In fact, we save our customers an average of 30% on their audio conferencing bills by eliminating these fees. We’d love to do a free bill analysis for you so we can show you exactly what you would have paid on your last few conferencing bills if you had used us. We can also extrapolate that data out so we can show you how much you would save over the course of a year. If you’d like to have this done, please call us today at (877) GET-GAN1 to get started.


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