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Cool down with these summer treats


With today being the first 90 degree day of the year in Chicago, it seems like the perfect time to discuss some of our favorite summer treats. And when I think of summer one of the main things that I think of is ice cream. So without further ado here are our five favorite summer treats:

Strawberry Shortcake bar: One of the biggest problems with strawberry shortcake is that it is not portable. This ice cream bar solves that problem by using frozen versions of all of the ingredients and then mounting it on a stick. There are other good flavors like toasted almond and chocolate ├ęclair but the strawberry is the one that screams summer most to us.

Screwball: The screwball is raspberry sherbet that comes in a plastic cone and has a gumball at the bottom. It is a great summer treat because it is fruity and refreshing. And one of the best parts is having the gumball at the bottom for when you are playing baseball.

Orange Creamsicle: The orange creamsicle is my personal favorite summer treat because of the perfect balance between fruity and creamy that it has. It is also great as a milkshake.

Superhero Ice Cream Bars: Growing up these were the best ice cream bars. They are mildly shaped like comic book heroes but have gumballs for eyes. I do not really remember what flavors there were but at that age I did not care.

Chocolate covered Vanilla Ice Cream Bars: I know many people who are chocoholics and this is their go to ice cream bar. My mom is particularly partial to the dark chocolate ice cream bars.

Those are our five favorite ice cream bars. Please comment below with some of your favorite ice cream treats.


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