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Telarus Technology Innovation Conference


Yesterday I was able to attend one of Telarus's Technology Innovation Conferences and would like to thank them for the invitation. It was great to get to discuss the future of Unified Communications and cloud based technologies with other experts in the field. Both of the panel discussions were very helpful in helping understand the direction that these technologies will be moving in the next 12-24 months and will allow us to provide our customers with the most relevant technologies at all times. It was also great to meet some of the agents and be able to pick their brains and hear some of the success stories they have had with selling these products learn from some of the pitfalls that they have experienced. Not to mention the outstanding keynote speeches given by Doug Tolley, Roger Blohm, and Patrick Oborn. All three of which provided valuable insight into how to effectively position our products to be able to offer our customers the most value for their money. I look forward to being able too attend more events like this in the future. Please comment below if you were at the event and had any thoughts of your own, or if you know of any similar events that I should be heading to in the coming weeks.


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