Why should you choose VoIP?
How is the Wi-Fi setup in your office?

Can your telecom equipment adapt as fast as your business moves?


Adapt or perish, this statement has held true for centuries. This doesn’t only apply to animals and plants however, Businesses that fail to adapt are also unfortunately doomed to perish. As such, many businesses need to change direction and focus at the drop of a hat and it raises the question of whether your equipment can keep up with these changes.  Fortunately, by moving your telecom systems into the cloud, your systems will be able to adapt and grow as fast as you need them to.

It starts with a Hosted VoIP phone system to get your business away from an ancient PBX system. These new Hosted systems move most of the physical infrastructure into the cloud. In fact, the only equipment that you will need on premise are the phones. This allows the system to easily grow when you need it to because all you have to do to add lines is call your provider and purchase a phone. Also since all of the data is stored on the phone rather than at the wall jack, you are able to shift people around your office or even to different buildings without having to setup their phone every time they move. This gives your business tons of flexibility and allows the system to easily adapt to any organizational changes?

But you shouldn’t just stop at your phone system, you should also move your web conferencing up into the cloud. While it seems like all web conferencing tools are easily adaptable, this isn’t always true. Many products require you to download a plug-in or program in order to be a presenter. Worse yet, some of them even require your participants to download something just to view your presentation. This is in stark contrast to products like Quick Visuals Pro, which requires no downloads and is completely web based. This allows you to give your presentation from any computer that has an internet connection. SO even if you are in a hotel room halfway across the globe, you will be able to get out all of the information that you need to.

How much longer can you afford for your telecom system to be slow to adapt? If you’d like to learn more about how moving your systems into the cloud can make your business more nimble, please call us today at (877) GET-GAN1.


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