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Meraki can help your law firm get connected


Law firms are a very interesting business when it comes to providing networks for not only their employees but also their clients. These connections not only need to be secure but they also need to be fast. The Cisco Meraki system is fantastic at accomplishing both of these things and making it extremely easy to setup a second Wi-Fi network for their clients to use.

The Cisco Meraki Network administration and security tools are completely HIPAA and PCI compliant, so it is one of the most secure tools on the market. It also allows you to easily manage the devices that are connected to your network, whether that is in the office or if they are connected remotely. It allows you to easily apply security settings to all of these devices without having to actually have the devices in front of you. It also allows you to setup a VPN for your lawyers so that they can work from home or access their case files from the courthouse, police station, or client’s homes.

The Meraki system also makes it extremely easy to set up a free Wi-Fi network for your clients to use. This will allow them to not only bring in their computers to go over things with your lawyers, but also allow any other devices they have to connect. Meraki will allow you to setup this network so that it is completely separate form the network your employees are on and restrict what can happen on this network.

Finally the system allows you to setup bandwidth usage limits so that you can ensure that your important systems will always have enough bandwidth to operate. This also allows you to make sure that there isn’t someone in your company using way more bandwidth than they should be.

So not only does the Meraki system make your network more secure, it also allows you to add a guest network and manage your bandwidth. If you would like to learn more about how this system can be custom tailored to help your business, please call us today at (877) GET-GAN1 to schedule a call with one of our solutions experts.


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