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There is a large cloud technologies expo called the Cloud Partners show happening in Boston next week and we are very excited to be attending this event. In fact, our Channel Manager, Byron Gaylord Jr., will be flying in on Tuesday to get ready for the show. We hope to meet as many people within the industry as possible and have also found a way to give everyone at the event an opportunity to have some fun and maybe win some cool prizes. All you will have to do to enter is take a selfie.

To be more specific, our event is based off of Where’s Waldo? We have decided to call our contest Where’s Byron? All you have to do is find Byron at the Cloud Partners show and take a selfie with him. Then you need to post it to the social media site of your choice with #GAN and give Byron one of your business cards. On the last day of the event we will draw 2 of the business cards at random and the winners will be given 50 dollar Amazon gift cards. We will also be reposting some of the cooler selfies to our social media accounts so try and take the most creative selfie you can. We will post a link to Byron’s LinkedIn Profile below so that you can know who you are looking for at this event.

Again we are very excited to be going to the Cloud Partners show in Boston next week and hope to see many of you there. We see this as a great networking opportunity and a fantastic way to introduce who we are, what we do, and how we do things to people who have not yet had a chance to experience it. So get your camera phones ready and dust off your selfie taking skills so you are ready for Byron when he gets to Boston.


Here is a link to Byron’s LinkedIn profile so you can know who you are looking for:

And here is a link to the event itself:

Finally here are links to our LinkedIn page, Twitter page, and Facebook Page:


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