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Is your business constantly struggling to find space to add new employees? Are you thinking about moving to a larger office building with a higher rent just to do so? The cloud can actually help to save you space and allow you to easily expand without having to move your business. The cloud does this by eliminating the premise based hardware that you currently have and replacing it with hosted solutions. It also allows you to easily hire remote workers so you can expand your personnel base without having to expand the size of your building.

Hosted solutions such as Hosted VoIP and Hosted VM Ware allow you to have much less premise based hardware. This can not only save your company tons of space but can also save your company thousands of dollars. It is able to do this by eliminating the on premise phone system and replacing it with a Hosted VoIP system where the only hardware are the phones. Hosted VM Ware allows people to take advantage of specialized hardware they would not normally have access to by using the cloud.

One of the biggest areas that hosted solutions can help your business expand its workforce without having to move locations is through the use of remote workers. Hosted applications can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This allows you to hire people across the globe but still have everyone in your company easily connected. Applications such as audio and web conferencing make holding your meetings a breeze. And a Hosted VoIP phone system allows you to get everyone on the same phone tree no matter where they are.

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