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How are you training all of your employees? Are you still having everyone come into the office for in person trainings or have you been starting to do your trainings online? Are you using an expensive web conferencing solution that makes you pay for features that you are never going to use? A lot of businesses have been moving towards doing their trainings online and it is easy to see why. Outside of it being the most convenient option, it can also save your company money and time as compared to having all of your trainings in person.

The main reason to switch your trainings from in person trainings to online trainings is that they are more convenient for everyone. Not only does this allow people to attend your trainings from anywhere, it also allows your trainer to work from home when directing them. So rather than interrupting everyone’s day to have the training, people can attend the training from wherever they are. However this is not the only benefit to holding your trainings online. Having your trainings online can also save your company a lot of money. It can accomplish this by eliminating travel reimbursements and cutting down on the amount of time that people need to be away from their desks. This can save your company thousands of dollars per year with very minimal effort. These are also ways that web conferencing products can save your company time on trainings. On top of that though, web conferencing can save your company time by allowing you to record your trainings so you do not have to have a trainer constantly in the office.

In fact, we feel that web conferencing is such a great benefit to most businesses that we are giving away free web conferencing accounts right now. All you have to do is sit in on a quick web demonstration with us and we will provide your company with free web conferencing licenses. It is our gift to you just for learning about who we are and how we are saving other companies up to 30% off of their communications bills. If you would like to learn more about how we can help your business or to sign up for a demonstration, please call (877) GET-GAN1 and mention that you saw this blog.


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