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How is your company hosting their weekly meetings? Are you just gathering everyone in a conference room and discussing things? Do you have remote workers who should be attending these meetings but are unable to? Have you thought about how unassisted audio conferencing can make your meetings more accessible and more informative? Audio conferencing has many advantages over in-person meetings including being more accessible, having recording options, and allowing people to be in front of their computer while on the call. While these might seem like minor things, they make a huge difference when used on a weekly basis.

The biggest advantage that audio conferencing has over in-person meetings is how accessible the meeting is. Having an audio conference means that no matter where your participants are, they will be able to attend the meeting. This insures that everyone will be informed of what the plan for the week is. In fact even if they miss the conference, audio conferencing gives you the option to record your meeting. This will allow those who missed it to go back at a later date and listen to it. It also allows you to go back at the end of the week and review how close to your goals that you got. Finally an often overlooked benefit of having an audio conference is that everyone can be at their own desk. This allows them to not only take notes on their computer but also have any files that you are referencing in front of them. This is great because you will have less things be misinterpreted and it will make it easier for your team to meet their goals.

While these three advantages are already great reasons to host your meetings as an audio conference, there are many more. If you would like to schedule a free demonstration on how audio conferencing can help your business, please click here or call us today at (877) GET-GAN1.


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