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ChannelPro SMB Forum


Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend a ChannelPro SMB Forum in Chicago. It was a great event that allowed us to meet and listen to many experts in the communications field. It also helped us to get a better understanding of how we should be pursuing partners and agent relationships. The event itself featured speakers from select sponsored companies, along with guest speakers who are experts in the industry. It also featured time to go around to booths set up by these sponsors to learn more about their products and how we can use those products to help our customers. It was also a great opportunity for us to learn more about how we can effectively use the cloud. What we learned was that much of the cloud is still not really understood by everyone and exactly what is possible still isn’t clear.

We were very excited to see new technology from companies like HP, Datto, Eaton, Samsung, and Viewsonic. It also gave us a great opportunity to speak with representatives from these companies to better understand how we can use these products to help our customers. So we would like to thank ChannelPro for hosting such a great event, and we would also like to thank Vijilan for inviting us to the event and were very happy to meet with their representatives at the event. The next event that we will be attending is the Cloud Partners Show in Boston from September 16-18. Our Channel Manager, Byron Gaylord, Jr will be in attendance so please try to find him and say hi.


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