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Earlier this week our Channel Manager had the pleasure of attending ChannelCon in downtown Chicago. He said it was a great event and that he cannot wait to attend more events in the coming months. He also said that he had three big takeaways from attending the event. Some of these are things that he would do differently for the next event he attends and some of them are things he thinks other companies could have done differently.

I’ll start with the thing that he would have done differently. He said that his biggest regret for the event was not being able to attend some of the later meet-ups because of public transportation worries. For the next event, he said he would stay at the hotel even if it were a local event. This would allow him to attend more meet-ups and thus connect with more people.

Now as far as what he thought other businesses could improve on, there were 2 things. First of all, we received a very cool handout from some company at the show. I say some company because they put no business cards or business info anywhere on the giveaway so we can’t remember who gave it to us. That’s actually a big shame because the item was a very cool shark shaped laser pointer and that company would have stood out in our mind.

The second major thing that we think companies can improve on is the shape of their business cards. When our manager got back, he had a stack of about 200 business cards and only 2 really stood out. The big reason that they stood out was that they were not the typical business card shape. One was an oval and was larger than the rest of the cards. I came to find out later that the person with the larger than average business card ended up winning so many raffles that he started giving away his prizes. So our big takeaways at the business level are to make sure you have identifying information on anything that you give out, and that you should give your business cards something that makes them unique.

Finally, we would like to thank ChannelCon for putting on such a great event. Our Channel Manager had a fantastic time and learned a lot from the classes that he attended while there. We highly recommend signing your business up with CompTIA to have access to all of their learning materials.


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