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Meraki is connecting the hospitals of the future


We have already talked about how the Meraki line of products is able to help out the schools of the future, but it also is a huge benefit for the healthcare industry, especially in hospitals. Not only does the Meraki line allow you to provide free Wi-Fi to all of the patients’ rooms but it also allows you to easily manage the security settings of all of these connections. And as an added bonus, Meraki is completely HIPAA compliant.

The Meraki system by Cisco makes it extremely easy to set up public Wi-Fi networks for the guests in your hospital. This is a huge benefit to the people who need to stay in hospitals for long periods of time. It allows them to be as comfortable as possible while recovering and allows for the younger generations of visitors to have something to do instead of running around the hospital. This also enables you to set up private, password protected networks for your doctors and nurses to use. This will allow you to transition easily from paper files over to digital copies on tablets. This will greatly cut down on the amount of clutter in your building.

Now that you have all of these people connecting to your network, security becomes a huge concern. Luckily the Meraki system makes it extremely easy to keep these networks secure. It allows you to manage the entire network through a simple online portal. This portal allows you to block certain websites, block downloads, block certain devices, or block access at certain times. It also allows you to manage which devices are currently connected to your network so you can see if anyone is connected who shouldn't be.

The Meraki line allows you to easily manage and create wireless networks, which allows you to make people’s stays at your hospital as painless as possible. If you would like to sit in on a free webinar about how Meraki can help you, please sign up here. Also if you have any questions about this or any of our products please dial (877) GET-GAN1


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