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But Seriously, What is the Cloud?


And actually more importantly, how can the cloud help your business to cut costs and become more efficient. First though, it is important to define what the cloud actually is. The cloud is a way to describe IT and telecommunications services that are not on premise and are accessed through a remote connection. This can apply to anything from network security, to online storage, to computer programs to even phone systems. The cloud is designed to save your company money by lowering the upfront costs of services and moving them to a monthly payment model. This also eliminates many of the space restrictions that companies run into.

Now, how can taking advantage of the cloud save your company money? Well first of all it allows you to manage multiple locations on a single system. So for example if you put your network management and security on a cloud based system, you will be able to manage the networks at all of your locations at one time and apply rules to all of them from one screen. This means that you only need one IT staff for the entire company rather than a staff at each location. But the cloud also helps businesses that only have one location. Hosted VoIP phone systems allow you to have all of the features of a traditional PBX system without having that large upfront cost to overcome. Not only that, hosted systems easily grow with your business so once you move into a larger building, your phone system can easily move with you. So not only is the cloud a great way for large businesses to connect all of their offices, it is also great for allowing small businesses to take advantage of things that they could not normally afford.

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