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Audio conferencing is one of the most efficient ways to get your message out to anyone who needs to hear it. One of the ways to extend the reach of your conference even further is to record it. Not only does this recording allow people who missed the conference to catch up but it also can be used in some of your promotional materials.

Our audio conferencing services allow you to download your conference recording as an MP3 file. Not only does this enable people who missed the conference to listen to it at a later date but it also gives you an editable copy of your recording that is openable on the program of your choice. This allows you to either take certain parts of your recording out or split the recording into smaller chunks. This is great if you wanted to post parts of your presentation on your website or social media accounts. Then not only can the people that sat in on the call view it but everyone who follows your company on social media would have access to it as well. Granted this is not great for calls with confidential information but for calls where you are just sharing news it is fantastic. You are able to access this file through a secure login to our website so unless someone knows your password only you will have access to download the file. On top of this file being very easy for you to access, it is also completely free as a part of your service.

Not only will your conferencing recordings be a great marketing tool for you but they are also completely free. If you would like a free demonstration of our unassisted or operator assisted audio conferencing services please dial (877) GET-GAN1 to sign up for a demo today. Your call will be answered by a live person who will be able to answer any questions that you may have regarding our audio conferencing services or any of our other products. 


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