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Alternatives to energy drinks


Energy drinks have become many people’s morning drink of choice. However the long term health effects of these drinks is still unknown. The short term effects of them are not great. Since most energy drinks are loaded with sugar and calories, they are not doing your body any favors. Most energy drinks are so high in sugar, in fact, that they will make you crash and feel more tired than when you initially drank it. There are many alternatives to get your caffeine intake in the mornings. Here are just a few of them.

Coffee: Coffee had been everyone’s go to caffeine source until a few years ago when energy drink usage started rising. Coffee is actually much healthier for you than energy drinks if you drink it black. The one major downfall of it is the fact that black coffee is too bitter for most people’s tastes.

Tea: Tea is my favorite alternative to energy drinks. Not only is it low in calories like coffee is but it also has a variety of styles and flavors for you to choose from. Personally I usually like some form of fruit flavored green tea in the mornings. If it is in the summertime I’ll have it over ice so it is refreshing and in the winter I’ll have it hot to warm me up.

Running: Many people also go for a run in the morning to get their blood flowing and wake up. Since it is cooler in the morning, the brisk air will wake you right up. However you will have to wake up even earlier than normal so that you can have enough time to run and shower before work.

Coffee, tea, and running are all great alternatives to drinking energy drinks in the morning. If you have any other things that you use to get yourself awake and moving in the morning please comment below.


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