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What options do you have for connecting remote workers?


This will actually focus on two questions. Why are remote workers important to your business and what are your options for getting remote workers connected to your network? Hiring remote workers and getting them up and running quickly will allow your business to grow to new heights very quickly.

Remote Workers are a huge area of opportunity for growth for businesses because you can hire them without having to expand the building that your company is in. This is a huge cost savings for your business. Hiring remote workers also insures that you have access to the best talent from across the globe which will allow you to put out high quality work at all times. The better talent that you have means that there will be better results coming from your company. Your company also becomes more attractive to prospective employees because they will not have to relocate their family to work for you.

We offer a few ways to connect your new remote workers to your network. The two we offer are MPLS connections and IP VPN connections. Each one has unique advantages. MPLS networks require no sign in and allow your workers to get going on their work immediately. This is slightly less secure than an IP VPN connection which requires a sign in before your workers can access the files on your network. As a business owner you will also have much more control over an IP VPN connection because MPLS connections are managed by the service providers.

If you have any questions about how we can help connect your remote workers please dial (877) GET-GAN1 to speak to one of our customer service representatives who would be happy to give you a recommendation that will fit your business.


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