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Web Conferencing for small businesses


Web conferencing is a fantastic tool for every size business. It allows your business to easily show off ideas, go over quarterly numbers, and train employees. It has also become the default meeting tool for many companies across the globe. Some of the main reasons that web conferencing has taken over as a meeting tool is its ease of use and the ability to share documents that you have on your computer. This makes meetings more efficient and can save time because your participants never have to leave their desk to attend the meeting. Every web conferencing platform works slightly different but the main downfall of most of them is that there are downloads or plugins that need to be approved by an IT department before people can host or attend meetings.

Our web conferencing platform, Quick Visuals Pro, does not require any downloads as a host or participant. All you have to do is send out invites and have your participants click the link and you are ready to go. This is perfect for small businesses that may not have an IT staff on site or have one at all. QV Pro also allows for document sharing and annotation of those documents. It allows for the sharing of PDFs, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and image files. The tools that are built in allow you to highlight important points in these documents so that you can easily keep you audience engaged. QV Pro is very flexible in how it allows people to attend your meeting. IT has options for listen only on your computer’s speakers, using your computer’s microphone, or calling in via telephone. If you choose to dial in from a phone you will be given a participant code to dial so that your phone number links up with your online login.

If you would like a free web demonstration of Quick Visuals Pro, please click here. If you have any questions about any of our products or services please call (877) GET-GAN1 to speak to one of our customer service representatives who would be happy to help you.


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