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How preloading documents can make your presentations stand out


Have you ever sat through a web presentation and just thought about how bad it was? Maybe after you talked with coworkers about what you would have done differently? Everyone runs their meetings differently, however Quick Visuals Pro’s document sharing feature can make your presentations appear much more professional than screen share alone. It accomplishes this in three ways:

                Seamless transitions between documents: Quick Visuals Pro allows you to preload multiple documents at one time so that you can transition from one into the other without having to leave the meeting screen. This means that your audience will not see you looking through your computer for the file.  The most common file type that people use is PDF but QV Pro also supports Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and image files.

                Annotation Tools: After you have preloaded your documents, Quick Visuals Pro has a wide array of annotation tools that you can use to call attention to certain parts of those documents. For example you can use the shape making tool to circle or highlight certain words or dates that are more important. You can also zoom in and out if there is a portion that has a lot of detail that you need to focus on. There is also a virtual whiteboard feature that allows you to type in anything that your document may be missing.

                No Notifications: Since Quick Visuals Pro is not screen share reliant, there are no interruptions from other programs. This includes email notifications, instant messages, calendar reminders, and update prompts. Not only does this make your presentation look much more professional but it can save you a lot of embarrassment. For example one of our salespeople was sitting in on a meeting at a previous job and the host had multiple email notifications reminding him to pay his overdue credit card bills. Notifications like that can change what people are paying attention to so instead of paying attention to the information you are presenting, they are wondering what you bought to put yourself into credit card debt.

If you would like more information on Quick Visuals Pro, our powerful web conferencing product, please watch the video below. Also if you would like a free demonstration please click here or call (877) GET GAN1 to schedule one.



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