How Sub-Conferences Make For a Better Audio Conference Call
The Advantages to Using a Single Platform for Business Conferencing

How Sub-Conferences Make For a Better Audio Conference Call

Audio Conference CallOne of the greatest advantages to having a sophisticated audio conferencing platform is using sub-conferencing. If you are unfamiliar with what a sub-conference is, it is basically a meeting within a meeting. It’s even possible to have more than one sub-conference going at a time. Participants can have their own side conversations then when the time is right an operator can bring them all together to have a larger discussion. Here are just a few of the possible ways that you can use sub-conferencing to enhance the overall audio conference call:

  • You can use a sub-conference to have strategy sessions before the larger meeting.
  • If you have a multiple presenters during a call, they can go over their itinerary beforehand.
  • If you are having a managers meeting with people from various levels, the top ranking managers can have their own private call after the main one has concluded.
  • If you are having a sales call with multiple people on both sides, you can separate the meeting before hand in order to prepare, then have the operator join the calls.
  • Sub-conferencing is especially helpful for any particularly large calls, allowing you to break up groups any way you like, then joining them together when needed.

In other words, with any situation in which you need to have both private discussions as well as public ones, sub-conferencing can help. The key is to make sure that you transition smoothly between the different conferences while making sure that the people are where they need to be. That’s why GAN Conferencing has live operators who help to manage everything. They join and split calls when needed mute a particular group of participants, and help with anything else that participants may need.

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