5 Reasons To Have A Daily Meeting
Bringing A Family Together

Bringing A Family Together



At GAN Conferencing we help professionals make the most of web conferencing every day.  I have helped many of our clients efficiently deliver their message to hundreds of participants at a time but the the conference I am most proud of never has more than five participants and is generally hosted by a five year old.



My Dad lives in lower Alabama, my Mom lives in Phoenix and I live outside of Chicago.  Having grown up as an Army brat I know how difficult it can be to build family bonds when family lives hundreds or thousands of miles away.  By contrast, my wife’s parents live two miles away, her brother one mile away and many of her twenty plus cousins, 7 Aunts and Uncles and uncounted second cousins live within an hour’s drive of our house.  I needed a way for my family to be as relevant to my children as the family they see so often.  However, the time and money it would take to visit Grandma and Grandpa with a family of four every year was substantial.  As my wife and I were discussing stretching the family budget to accommodate an extra visit to these far flung relatives it occurred to me that the business solution I delivered every day addressed this very need.  Specifically, using web conferencing allows you to nurture relationships without the expense and hassle of travel.

So naturally, I scheduled our first family web conference and sent invites out to the grandparents.  Here is where the ease of use of the Quick Visuals platform was going to be critical. For reasons beyond my knowing providing phone support to my mother continues to be one of life’s greatest challenges.  If a Quick Visuals conference wasn’t as easy to join as we claim, the family web conference would meet an early end.  Thankfully, Grannie Gracie was able to enter easily as was the rest of the family.  As a result, two or three times a month Grannie Gracie, Grandma Jeanette and Grandpa Bateman all come to the house on Sunday and I haven’t had to donate plasma to make it happen. 


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