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5 Reasons To Have A Daily Meeting

5 Reasons To Have A Daily Meeting

Some meetings can seem like a waste of time. If a meeting is unorganized, has no agenda, or is forced to fill more time than necessary it can even be counter productive. However, a good daily meeting can be the best thing for you and your team and here are five reasons why.


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Team Cohesion

Simply by requiring your team come together as a group on a daily basis they will become part of each others' in-group and reap the benefits of in-group favoritism.  Your daily meeting will reinforce the sense of membership and take advantage of our natural tendancy to work together.  This is especially important for teleworkers and field workers who may not interact often.

Team Sourcing Solves Problems

Today out sourcing to consulting firms is on the rise and the Internet is littered with stories of amazingly complex problems being solved by crowd sourcing. However, as Steven Levitt said in a recent Freakonomics podcast, "...the middle and bottom of the organization absolutely know what’s going on a lot of times when the people at the top have no idea what needs to be done." Don't let your most knowledgeable problem solvers go unheard.

Staying on Track

A work day is fluid and there is a constant need to change minor project goals or resolve unforeseen issues. With the constant change it is natural for individuals to reshuffle priorities. Being able to communicate these changes on a daily basis allows your team to stay in sync.

Shame Is A Powerful Motivator

No one wants to let their peers down. Having a daily meeting where people are describing their accomplishments and goals will make people more accountable. If a person fails to meet those goals without reason they will have to acknowledge the failure to their peers. Most will try to avoid this shame.

It Doesn't Take Long

A good meeting with a well defined agenda can take less than fifteen minutes. Given the benefits, that is time well spent.



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