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Secure Your Communications

Secure Your Communications

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In today's business world where everyone looks to capitalize on good ideas and profitable information.  If you don't believe so, then why are there so many similar companies out there?  It's nothing new.  Like Facebook and Myspace, AT&T and Sprint there are a variety of companies in every industry that are looking for the edge.  It is more important than ever to make sure that the most important part of your business communications are secure - your conferencing.  

Obviously, it is not necessary to go through extreme measures to make sure that every single informal conference call is locked down.  However, there are some simple questions that you can ask yourself once you begin to communicate secure information:  Can I see everyone who is on my conference call, and do I know who they are?  Everyone is accounted for, can I lock my conference? Is my web conference HTTPS secured?

With Great America Networks Conferencing, we can work with you to quickly and easily add a few extra layers of protection.  Our Live Conference Viewer shows you who is on your conference, and you can drop unwanted callers and lock your calls instantly.  When you lock your call, operators don't even have access and you are 100% secure.  We offer custom branded secured web conferencing sites that follow strict guidelines.  Even our operator assisted conferences can be locked down with verbal passwords that are needed to gain entry.

Don't just take our word for it either.  We work with a variety of clients who use our added security benefits like the Department of Homeland Security and J.P. Morgan to name a couple.  We even have clients in the medical industry that may rely on our secure services to meet their ePHI requirements.  If you have ever asked yourself, "Is there anyone else on the line here, I can't tell?" or "Is this information totally secure?" then reach out to our sales staff and we can show you how to be positive that your communications are reaching their audience - their intended audience.


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