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Scary Halloween Thoughts

Scary Halloween Thoughts

Hello again everyone,

  Chickenpumpkin It's that time of year again when we put candy on our desks, think about dressing up in costumes and put on smiling faces for children at the door.  Halloween.  This year, I was pondering how many trips to the store we may need to take if we run out of candy as I am right across the street from two different schools.  I then moved to childhood memories of Trick or Treating in all of my wonky costumes growing up.  I remembered that I was never nervous to go door to door in the name of candy, and then I wondered, "What happened?". 

 Now, I would be terrified to do such a thing.  Not only because I'm too old and afraid that I would be chastised for such a stunt, but the whole thought of putting myself in a situation to ask complete strangers for something seems nerve racking.  But that's in essence what I do for a living.

 Being in sales is not easy.  When asked, a majority of people would probably say that they would not like to talk to complete strangers and ask them for money, or to buy products and services.  So why am I comfortable with selling, yet not with asking strangers for candy?  Because of my mindset.  When I speak to someone, I'm not trying to "sell" them.  Instead, I am trying to help them.  I am much more willing to help someone than I am to sell them something, and I believe that's why I am capable of doing so.  I want to help people make their jobs easier, save cost, help them find more free time, and more.

 I also love friends and building relationships.  Once I help someone, they will typically become a friend or good acquaintance.  From there, we can continue to work together and help each other and eventually build a strong partnership.  It is great to have lasting partnerships and connections in today's business world and it all starts with a helping hand.

Happy Halloween season everyone,


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