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Championship Chicago Hockey and GANC Conferencing

Championship Chicago Hockey and GANC Conferencing

    How about those Blackhawks? What a great way to start the weekend in Chicago. Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup in Philadelphia, bringing the cup of Lord Stanley back to Chicago after 50 years. They will be having a Blackhawks parade and rally today, in downtown Chicago to kick the celebration off right. Hopefully they don't get rained out. Congratulations Chicago Blackhawks to an amazing season and a spectacular playoff run.

    To go along with the winning spirit of Chicago, GANC has a deal that can make you feel like a Stanley Cup winner also; GANC is offering a bundle package that will help your company save money, while still giving you the same features and functions that allow you to have an effective meeting with your company. Now I'm sure you are wondering what is the GANC QuickBundle and how can it save you money. The QuickBundle is Unlimited Monthly Web and Audio Conferencing for an amazing deal, starting as low as $34.99 a month. That includes unlimited web and audio conferencing, and storage for your recordings for up to 1(one) year. Also we can fully customize your conferencing needs, everything from the greeting your callers receive when they are dialing into the conference or what they see when they join your web meeting. If at anytime you have trouble with our conferencing, you can contact us for 24/7 support or training. For further information on our QuickBundle give us a call 1-877-GET-GAN1 (1-877-438-4261)


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