Theres No Better Choice for Audio Conferencing
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Theres No Better Choice for Audio Conferencing

Whether you are having an impromptu quick conference call, or a scheduled large Teleseminar, you can do no better than GANC. 

Conference calls allow companies and individuals to communicate efficiently and inexpensively. Whether you prefer to conference with or without a conference coordinator, GANC has the perfect solution for you. The audio conferencing services provided by us are easy to use, crystal clear and 100% reliable. Our audio conferencing is affordable with no hidden costs, set up fees or minimums; you simply pay for what you use.

Our audio conferencing is managed through our own digital conferencing bridges, which are housed in a secure co-located facility that sits on multiple power grids and utilizes redundant phone carriers. We have heavily invested in our infrastructure to ensure that your conference calls are clear and reliable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In addition to our full portfolio of audio conferencing services, we offer an entire suite of online tools to control, manage and monitor your audio conferencing at no charge to you.

To find out more about GANC's, QuickAssist or QuickConnect Audio Conferencing please contact us or visit us on the web.

Matt Auriemme 
Great America Networks Conferencing 
Twitter: @ganconferencing



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