QuickAssist Quarterbacks Polling Feature
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QuickAssist Quarterbacks Polling Feature

Untitled-1 As I wrote about our new product, QuickAssist Quarterback, yesterday I touched on the feature of polling but didn't go into a large amount of detail on it. The polling feature that we offer with QA/QB allows you to have your operator ask pre selected questions in the conference to your participants.

Prior to your conference you and the operator can set up polling questions to ask your audience during the conference. The amount of questions you ask is up to you, but you have no restrictions as to how many questions you can ask.

After your question is shown to your participants they will be informed by the operator to respond by hitting * and a number. As your participants respond you can view the real time results with our QuickAssist Quarterback interface. The interface displays which answers your participants are choosing and how many participants still need to respond.

This is just one feature of many from our new QA/QB product that gives you the ultimate control of your conference. 

To learn more about our QuickAssist Quarterback and its polling feature contact us at 1.877.438.4261 or visit us on the web at www.ganconference.com.

Matt Auriemme 
Great America Networks Conferencing
Twitter: @ganconferencing



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