QuickAssist Quarterback
QuickAssist Quarterbacks Polling Feature

QuickAssist Quarterback

QB GANC received a call from one of our clients wondering if there was a way to get more control over their conference call. At the time we received it we didn't have an answer for them, but we've researched and developed a program to fulfill their needs.

QuickAssist Quarterback gives you complete control over your conference. From being in control of your Q&A session to seeing real-time results of your polling questions QA/QB is loaded with features.

The Q&A tab allows you to move your participants up and down in the queue or promote them to be the current questioner. When your participant is finished asking their question you have the control to remove them and promote the next participant.

The ball truly is in your court with this product. If you would like more control over certain features than others notify the operator prior to your conference and they will take care of whatever you would like them to.

To learn more about our NEW QuickAssist Quarterback service and all of the features that come with it contact us and we will give you a demo!

GANCis happy to work with our customers, and QuickAssist Quarterback is just another example of how we listen and work with you. If there is ever anything that you can think of that could improve your conferencing experience let us know.  

Matt Auriemme 
Great America Networks Conferencing
Twitter: @ganconferencing



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