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February 2010

At GANC we understand how important your web meetings and teleconferences are. They assist your company in developing products to market quicker, encourage creativity, make you more competitive through collaboration and facilitate the full potential of teamwork. Not to mention you can bring people together from anywhere in the world quickly, simply and cost effectively without ever leaving your office. But what if one of your clients or employees was unable to attend your conference? Are you going to have to redo the whole thing again for them? Read more →

GANC's operator assisted conferencing is a customized service that lets you manage and organize your most challenging conferences. Whether your audience is a couple of executives or a multitude of companies, GANC brings everyone together in one seamlessly planned and managed event. We offer three distinct types of room to cover all of your operator assisted conferencing needs. Read more →

Video Conferencing

At GANC we want you to feel as comfortable as possible with all of our products, and with video conferencing you may hear words that you are unfamiliar with. Dont let it frustrate you, we are here to help. It is important to remember that video conferencing is not much different than your everyday audio meetings. Read more →