Audio Conferencing Meeting Controls
Theres No Better Choice for Audio Conferencing

Audio Conferencing Meeting Controls

GANC's QuickConnect audio conferencing service allows you to meet your instant on-demand needs. Its available 24/7 reservationless service is ready and available for you to use anytime, anywhere.

To make sure you are getting the most out of our QuickConnect service, we want to ensure you know about the features we offer during our meetings. Our audio meeting controls give you and your audience the ability to adjust and modify settings accordingly to fit the needs of the specific call. So the next time your hosting or attending a meeting, try out these features.

*0- Operator Assistance (Moderator & Participants)

*1- Moderator Dial-out (Moderator only)

*2- Start/Stop conference record (Moderator only)

*3- Participant count (Moderator only)

*4- Conference help (Moderator & Participants)

*5- Entry/Exit chimes (Moderator only)

*6- Mute/un-mute (Moderator & Participants)

*7- Lock/unlock conference (Moderator only)

*8- Toggle presentation mode (Moderator only)

*9- Roll Call (Moderator only)

61# - Mute all participants (Moderator only)

62# - Un-mute all participants (Moderator only)

Matt Auriemme 
Great America Networks Conferencing
Twitter: @ganconferencing



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